The Rules

It's ever so simple - you have to travel the entire Metro network in the shortest possible time. The rules have been adapted from the official Guinness World Records set of rules for the London Underground.

1. All of the stations served by the Mexico City Metro's trains must be visited.

To `visit' a station, you must arrive and/or depart by a metro train in normal public service. It is necessary for a through train to stop at the station for the visit to count, although you do not need to get out. The Light Railway from Tasqueña to Embarcadero is not part of the metro system and does not need to be travelled.

2. Changing lines by foot.

Feet or public service transport may be used to transfer from one underground line to another. The use of private motor vehicles, taxis or any other form of privately arranged transport (bicycles, skateboards, etc) is not acceptable.

3. It is not necessary to cover every stretch of track on the network.

Thus, for example, if you have visited Jamaica on the Linea 9, Santa Anita on Linea 8, and Chabacano on Linea 2, you do not have to take Linea 8 from Santa Anita to Jamaica, although of course you can if you want.

4. A log book should be kept throughout the whole journey.

i.e. the time of arrival and departure from each station, line changes, commutes between lines and stations, etc. must be maintained. This book should illustrate clearly the route followed.

5. Timing the Challenge

Participants must record the exact start time and finish time of their attempt on a watch. The clock must start the moment the doors close on the first train taken by the challengers. It must stop the moment the challengers set foot on the platform at the last station.

6. Photograph proof.

Participants should photograph themselves in front of a station name sign at every line change and end of line station to show that they have travelled the complete network.